5-star review
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5-star review

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A 5-star review from Christien A., Verified Buyer at our exclusive launch retail partner Shen Beauty:

I've noticed an uptick in serums in this price range lately, and a lot of them have left me disappointed. This is not one of them.  I received a sample of this in Shen's last mega gift with purchase (like an early Christmas, so good) and bought the full size before I finished the sample. I use good stuff, but this has taken it to another level. My skin is so soft and glows constantly. My skin feels BETTER. Plush, bouncy, younger. I alternate days between this and CE Ferluic/Irene Forte hibiscus serum combo now, and am having a hard time wanting to use anything else, and I am a skincare junkie. All 3 in the $180 range, but worth every penny. Cannot rave about this enough.

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