The Science of Skin Memory:
Based on the Work of a Medical Maverick

The brain is biology’s greatest enigma. And it takes daring thinking to even attempt to explore it. Dr. John Blass’s trans-disciplinary approach as a clinician, professor and researcher, cross-pollinates from the lab into the horizon of a new skin anti-aging discovery. 

The process of brain aging is the most complex biological process.  Metabolism slows down. Oxidation proceeds unchecked. DNA mitochondrial mutation multiplies.  It’s as if cells literally forget how to function.

Dr. Blass has dedicated his career to reversing this process. His exquisitely simple approach: helping cells remember.

His work on creating an ingestible compound of Resveratrol, Malate and Glucose that can cross the blood-brain barrier and help brain cells regenerate their capacity to function has greatly impacted the world of neurological research.

Crossing the Brain-Skin Threshold

Using the brain as a model and metaphor, when his wife had a surgical procedure that left her with a deep and long scar, Dr. Blass hypothesized that what works in the brain would work on the skin. Knowing how potent his R•G•M Complex was, he was inspired to create an epidermally-optimized form of it, swapping additional antioxidants for the glucose of the ingestible form. This was R•M•A Complex™. Within a few weeks, his wife’s scar had healed.

That was the genesis of IDEO Skin Memory Serum™.

About Dr. Blass


A.B., 1958, Chemistry, summa cum laude

University of London,

Ph.D., 1960, Biochemistry, Marshall Scholar

Columbia University,

M.D., 1965

Cornell University
Winifred Masterson Burke Professor, Departments of Neurology and Medicine; Chief, Division of Chronic and Degenerative Diseases

Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York
Professor Emeritus, Neurology and Neuroscience

Associate Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Biological Chemistry

Chairman, American Society for Neurochemistry

Editorial Board, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

Editorial Board, Metabolic Brain Disease

President and Research Committee Chairman, American Federation for Aging Research

Chairman, President's DHHS Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease

American Federation for Aging Research

Consultant, Governor's Task Force on Alzheimer's Disease, State of California

Harvard University, Scientific Advisory Board, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center